Okay, to everybody in the Steven Universe tag having breathing spasms about the lion being Steven’s mom, please stifle a bit. I seriously doubt that it’s that simple. Here are my theories:

The lion was likely created or trained by Rose to be Steven’s companion when he got old enough to start…

Why didn’t you tell me you can do these things you do!
Steven to Lion (via ectoplasmicdragon)


oh, just some faces


Ok now I really wanna know why Rose had a giant penny

I didn’t spam you guys with scandal.

But you knew it was coming.

OK. So it’s been almost a week since the season Finale.

Olivia Pope and Jake

Le-fucking-sigh. She actually got on the plane with him. He’s choked you out and busted your fucking head. Girl when are you gonna learn that love ain’t always gotta be a uphill battle? What does he want from her? What dos he possibly think he can gain? After that lovely little speech he gave us about how his father trained him to deceive people…. how could you get on a plane with him? How can you ever trust him? Olivia Pope wants Jake. OK that’s a lie. She wants to want Jake, she wants to want to come home to him and drink wine and laugh and be happy but he is not the man she loves.

Olivia Pope and Fitz

Why is she so messy? I get that you want him to want you and just you and not let anything get between ya’ll and (Fairytale ass) Vermont but… c’mon. You aired her shit out like that? Yet, he still want and need her ass. Mellie lost Fitz a long time ago and she doesn’t know what to do but called Olivia. To fix the damn president. Because he is unable to fix himself and mellie can’t either. They’ll be back together tho.


Well… um… after the shit hits the fan and Olivia runs away (Which is heavily foreshadowed when she’s talking to Jake about her mom not giving a shit about shit in the history of forever as told by Shonda Rhimes)… we don’t know what’s gonna happen. Olivia has literally brought these people through the ringer… and she just gonna run away? Are we gladiators or are we bitches? We bitches. Abby is mad, Huck don’t care (And needs his dick shoved down his throat for telling Sir chokes a lot about what was going on. He was command. He didn’t give you back yo boo. Huck is tripping.) and Harrison is off stumbling through what we can onloy assume is the latest set for the Silent Hill movie. (Seriously, why would he even go there?).


Ahem, he fucking up. He has fucked up so much that he isn’t running shit anymore… not even his own damn shoe size. His boo gets killed (By Eli, *gasp*) and now he’s on the chopping block too. I feel like Harrison is a Pope or is related to the Popes. There have been two family references and it’s weird. Pape Pope sees harrison as a threat  (Possibly, that’s what I think. Young black and well connected.) and knows about his shadowy ass past. He pieces together what happened and is now possibly bout to die. That sucks, who’s gonna make calls and spin their phone now?

Huck and Quinn.

My favorite weird couple is still weird and they broke up. Charlie gave Quinn a file with all information in it about Huck’s family and shit. He’s angry at her (and so are alll of the viewers but that’s another story) for showuing him what he can never have. Quinn takes a big personal risk because she has to know that if he goes and sees his wife and kid again and can have them back then that means the end of ‘Huckleberry Quinn”. I don’t foresee Huck’s wife taking him back (Even though his family is in danger because Command is back but can B6-13 take several seats in the fourth season?). If my supposedly dead husband came home telling me that he used to be murderer for the US Government and that he tried to save us by never coming to see us… look… no. Quinn is the only person in the history of forever who will be opnely loving and accepting of Huck. It doesn’t matter if he’s killed ten people or just wants to rock in a corner… she loves him for him. Flaws (and there are many) and all. Poor fucking Quinn… she once again got fucked uber hard and is alone and gotta go to work and see Charlie’s smiling face unless she quit.

Mama Pope and papa Pope.

Welp… he told her the truth. He got her ass and now she’s in the hole. But if she’s in the hole does that make her an agent or is she there for safe keeping? She was chilling in the hole, she had her leg cocked up like she was about to get out in five minutes. Papa Pope killed the Presidents son, made it look like Maya did it and got Olivia’s ass on that plane like he said he would. Mama Pope’s bomb ended up going off but it ain’t kill nbody for real (Am I sick for wanting Sally to get blown to pieces? Prolly) and her money mate got shot in the head.

David Rosen

 Can we not have so much DR next season? He wears that white hat too much and I am not here for it. I would like to see him and OPA at odds again. Then again maybe I’m just fucked up in the head because that would mean his relationship with Abby would suffer and she would no longer bable to use him for info.

Over all it was a pretty good season finale. Fitz got another four years which he doesn’t need. He needs to heal in Vermont.. with Olivia but we know that’s way too easy for the writers of Scandal. Season 3 was crazy, all over the place but a bit necessary when I think about it.

Opening episode tweet #WhereisOlivia #Isharrisondead #Fitzonthefloor

Opening predictions

  1. Olivia is pregnant. Whose is it?
  2. David is gonna try to pull them back into B6-13 but nope… No one wants that and hence the rift in the perfect Dabby relationship begins.
  3. More odd sexual tension between huck and quinn
  4. Cyrus is gonna scheme. (Duh) TO BRING OLIVIA BACK. HOT DAMN!
  5. Abby gonna rock the hell outta that white coat, get rid of that tired ass Fitz poster and get OPA back to solving cases (People bitched really hard about them not solving cases … and I understand but at the same time in the first episode that was foreshadowed. No tears, you weren’t misled.)
  6. Huck gonna end up back at B6-13 without Olivia to keep her daddy in check (And let the pissing matches begin if he’s partnered up with Quinn cuz Charlie will not like any of that) AND HE’S GONNA KILL BABY MANSON! HOT DAMN.

I’m weird because I enjoyed this season a lot. We got to see why olivia is the way she is Lines were crossed, relationships ruined and rebuilt. Olivia basically turned her back on OPA  (Don’t argue with me on that one, Abby was crushed) and once again was used by her dear old dad. Bring back Stephen for S4.


Guys I had this weird dream. It was so weird that I knew it was a dream and said multiple times throughout the dream ‘I’m tripping balls.”

I had a dream that kidfury had three kids and Nelly was his older brother and… it was just weird. And he was at a barbeque and it had all been posted on Youtube and… I dunno.

Imma quit eating oatmeal before bed.